Position Of The Coach

The coach constantly checks and assists the firer in applying marksmanship fundamentals during firing. He observes the firer'5 position and his application of the steady position elements. The coach is valuable in checking factors the firer is unable to observe for himself and in preventing the firer from repeating errors.

During an exercise, the coach should be positioned where he can best observe the firer when he assumes position. He then moves to various points around the firer {sides and rear) to check the correctness of the firer's position. The coach requires the firer to make adjustments until the firer obtains a correct position.

When the coach is satisfied with the firing position, he assumes a coaching position alongside the firer. The coach usually assumes a position like that of the firer (Figure 3-20), which is on the firing side of the soldier.

Figure 3-20. Prone position of coach (right-handed firer).

Figure 3-20. Prone position of coach (right-handed firer).

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