Qualification Standards

The chief range officer briefs all soldiers on the proper scoring procedures. The firing line safety crew —

• Inform the chief range officer of cross-fires.

• Inform the chief range officer of allowable alibis.

• Accurately count hits and misses. A hit is any bullet hole that is either completely within or touches some part of the scaled silhouette. If a bullet hole does not touch some part of the scaled silhouette, it is counted as a miss. Richochets are counted as hits or misses.

• Count only two hits for each silhouette for score in each table.

• Complete the scorecard.

• Assist the soldier with target repair.

• Total, sign, and return the completed scorecard to the chief range officer.

Qualification ratings for the alternate course are as follows:

• Sharpshooter: Hits 33 to 37 targets

• Marksman: Hits 26 to 32 targets

• Unqualified: Hits 25 and below

These courses are fired IAW DA Form 5790-R {Record Firing Scorecard— Scaled Target Alternate CourseXFigure G-45.)(See Appendix H for a blank reproducible copy of this form.)

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