Recommended Briefing

The first priority of this range is training, but safety must be at the forefront of the training program. The safety program will be corrected immediately. The safety program should include the following:

• The two red and white candy-striped poles, located on the far right and far left (point to them), are the range left and right limits. Firers never fire or point their rifles outside the limits of these poles.

• When not on the firing line, the selector lever is on SAFE, the bolt is locked to the rear, and the dust cover is open. (Demonstrate.)

• Firers will always enter and exit the firing line at the base of the tower. (Point.)

• Before occupying the firing positions, inspect the positions for harmful animals and insects.

• Firers wil l always point the muzzle of the rifle downrange whenever on the firing line. The firing finger is not placed within the trigger housing area. (Demonstrate.)

• Lock the bolt to the rear and place the rifle on SAFE on the firing line. Chamber blocks may he used.

• Smoke only in designated smoking areas. (Inform soldiers where.)

• You will not eat or drink on the firing line unless the tower operator permits you to drink from your canteen. Drink water often to prevent heat injuries.

• iNever touch your rifle while personnel are downrange or in front of the firing line.

• Load the magazine into the rifle only on the command of the tower.

• Never fire without wearing hearing protection when within 25 meters of the firing line.

• Before leaving the firing line, the safety NCO must rod the rifle.

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