Record Of Performance

During the conduct of downrange feedback, a record of performance should be kept to facilitate, critique, and perform an after-action review.

As soldiers complete each phase and achieve the performance standard for that range, they should receive a critique. Instructors/trainers must ensure soldiers do not progress to a greater range until they become proficient at closer ranges. For example, the soldier who is having problems firing a 6-inch group at 75 meters should not be expected to fire an 11-inch group at 175 meters — progressing to greater ranges would only frustrate the soldier.

The DA Form 5239-R (75-, 175-, and 300-Meter Downrange Feedback Scorecard) is an effective way of recording target hit-and-miss information as the soldier completes each phase of firing (Figure G-32). (See Appendix H for a blank reproducible copy of this form.)

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