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The following questions are provided as an example of a self-evaluation guide for commanders/leaders to help evaluate unit marksmanship training and small-arms readiness. Other areas of interest should be developed locally, based on the unit's missions and state of training.


1. Have you clearly stated the priority of rifle (small-arms) proficiency in your unit? What is it? Is this priority supported by the staff and subordinates? Is it based on your METL and an understanding of FM 25-100?

2. Have you clearly stated the intent of record fire? Are leaders accurately evaluating firing performance, based on accurately recorded data and results?

3. Have you clearly stated that weapons qualification or record fire is one of the commander's opportunities to assess several skills relating to small-arms readiness?

4. What qualification course will be used to evaluate your unit's rifle (small-arms) readiness?

a. Is the standard combat course 300-yard KD or 25-meter scaled target used?

b. How will tt be conducted? Will the prescribed procedures be followed?

c. Who will collect the data?

5. Have you clearly stated the purpose and intent of PRI?

a. What skills will PRI address?

b. Will PRI be performance-oriented? Are tasks integrated?

6. Do soldiers maintain their assigned weapons and magazines IAW the technical manual? Do they have a manual?

7. Do soldiers conduct serviceability checks of weapons and magazines before training? Were maintenance deficiencies corrected?

8. Do soldiers demonstrate an understanding of the weapon's operation, functioning, and capabilities?

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