Section I Acronyms And Abbreviations

AC— Alternate course

AMU — Army marksmanship unit

AR— Army regulation

ARM — advanced rifle marksmanship

ARTEP — Army training and evaluation program

ATC — US Army Training Command

BRM — basic rifle marksmanship

BT— basic training

DA— Department of the Army

DS— direct support

F— Fahrenheit

FM — frequency modulation fps — feet per second

FPF — final protective fire

FSN — Federal stock number

FTX — field training exercise

GS— general support

GTA— graphic training aid

I AW— in accordance with IET— initial entry training

KD — known distance kg— kilogram km— kilometer kmph — kilometers per hour

LBE — load-bearing equipment

LFX — live-fire exercise

LLLSS — low-light level sight system

LOI — letter of instruction

MAIT— maintenance assistance and instruction team

METL— mission-essential task list m— meter mg— milligram

MILES —multiple integrated laser engagement system mm — millimeter

MOPP — mission-oriented protective posture

MOS— military occupational specialty

MOUT— military operations on urbanized terrain mph— miles per hour

MPRC — multipurpose range complex

NBC — nuclear, biological, chemical

NCO — noncommissioned officer


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