Section Ii Definitions

Active Army—All Regular Army (RA) forces in the Active Army.

Adjusted Aiming Point—An aiming point that allows for gravity, wind, target movement, zero changes, and MOPP firing.

Advanced Marksmanship — Normally refers to marksmanship skills taught during ARM.

Advanced Rifle Marksmanship (ARM) — Normally refers to the formal marksmanship instruction received by infantrymen upon completion of BRM during OSUT.

Aiming—A marksmanship fundamental; refers to the precise alignment of the rifle sights with the target.

Aiming Card—The M15A1 aiming card is a cardboard sleeve with a moveable insert. The rear sight aperture, front sight post, and target are pictured. This training device is used in conjunction with aiming instructions.

Aiming Point—A place on a target in which the rifle sights are aligned, normally the target center of mass.


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