M16a1 Sniper Rifle

42M 250M

A. Illustrates that the bore line and line of sight are parallel, gravity causes the bullet to drop.

B. Illustrates that by raising the bore line above the line of sight, the effects of gravity are compensated for and the bullet hits all targets near center mass. Notice how the line of sight, bore line, and trajectory coinside at 42 meters, and how the line of sight and trajectory again coincide at 250 meters but the bore line is 16 inches above the target.

While the trajectory shown in Figure F-2B provides for target engagement out to 325 meters, targets beyond this range would require major adjustments in the aiming point. Therefore, after the 250-meter zero has been obtained, flipping to the long-range sight provides a zero of 375 meters as shown in Figure F-3. This provides for effective target engagement from 350 meters out to the maximum effective range of 460 meters.

Figure F-3. M16A1 long-range trajectory (375-meter zero).


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