Speed Loading

Emphasis on maintenance and understanding of the rifle can prevent most problems and malfunctions. However, a soldier could encounter a stoppage or malfunction. The soldier must quickly correct the problem by applying immediate action and continue to place effective fire on the target.

Immediate-action procedures contained in Chapter 2 and the operator's technical manual should be taught and practiced as part of preliminaiy dry-fire exercises, and should be reinforced during live-fire exercises.

Immediate-action drills should be conducted using dummy ammunition (M199) loaded into the magazine. The soldier chamber the first dummy round and assume a firing position. When he squeezes the trigger and the hammer falls with no recoil, this is the cue to apply the correct immediate-action procedure and to refire. Drill should continue until soldiers can perform the task in three to five seconds.

The word SPORTS is a technique for assisting the soldier in learning the proper procedures for applying immediate action to the M16A1 and M16A2 rifles. First, THINK, then:

Slap up on the bottom of the magazine.

Pull the charging handle to the rear-

Observe the chamber for an ejection of the round.

Release the charging handle.

Tap the forward assist.

Squeeze the trigger again.

NOTE: When slapping up on the magazine, be carc ful not I o knock a round out of the magazine into the line of the bolt carrier, causing more problems. Slap hard enough only to ensure the magazine is fully seated.

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