Srta And M Bolt Use In Training

The US Army is constantly faced with training constraints such as lack of suitable real estate, safety restrictions, and cost of transporting troops to live-fire ranges. Short-range training ammunition allows training in small local training areas without fixed training facilities, in MOUT facilities, and in combat training theaters. With its 25-meter usable range, the SRTA can train on grouping, zeroing, 25-meter scaled silhouette firing,

Figure C-11. M2 bolt (NSN 1005-01-184-4041).

Nsn 1005 184 4041 Pics

Section 111. WEAPONEER

The Weaponeer is an effective rifle marksmanship training device that simulates the life firing of the M16A1/A2 rifle. The system can be used for developing and sustaining marksmanship skills, diagnosing and correcting problems, and assessing basic skills.

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