Stnglelead Rule For Moving Targets

A target moving directly toward the firer can be engaged the same way as a stationary target. However, to hit a target moving laterally, the firer places the trailing edge of the front sight sight post at target center. The sight-target relationship is shown in Figure 4-ll(page 4-22). The single-lead rule automatically increases the lead as the range to the target increases.

Figure 4-12 (page 4-22) shows how this works, with the front sight post covering about 1.6 inches at 15 meters and about 16 inches at 150 meters. Since the center of the front sight post is the actual aiming point, this technique of placing the trailing edge of the front sight post at target center provides for an .8-inch lead on a 15-meter target, and an 8-inch lead on a target at 150 meters.

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