The Meter Alternate Course

The 25-/15-meter alternate course provides units a way to test a soldier's rifle marksmanship proficiency. A soldier undergoing rifle qualification should first confirm the zero setting on his rifle before engaging the alternate course. The zero may be confirmed with the 25-meter battlesight zero procedure of six sighter rounds, which are fired in the prone supported position. Sighter rounds do not count for score. Training/sustainment ammunition is used for sighter rounds if a zeroing exercise is not conducted the day of record fire.

Firing at scaled silhouettes gives the soldier the chance to engage targets with time limits and feedback. Engaging targets at 25/15 meters precludes any training value received on target detection or the effects of wind and gravity, which is learned when firing at longer distances. Rifle qualification requirements are scheduled on the 25-/15-meter alternate course when a standard record fire or known-distance range is not available. The alternate course is an eight-hour course of instruction, as follows:

25-/15-meter zeroing 4 hours Record fire 4 hours

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