Units are flexible in conducting 25-meter firing exercises with scaled silhouette targets. The proper use of scaled silhouette targets can make a valuable contribution to a unit's marksmanship program by accomplishing the following:

Soldiers learn how best to aim at targets located at various ranges while receiving precise feedback concerning bullet strike — whether it is a target hit or miss. Soldiers can acquire knowledge of range estimation. What they see through the sights is similar to what they would see if they were firing a target at the actual distance.

• Soldiers learn that close targets can be hit with a quick shot while more distant targets take a more deliberate application of the four marksmanship fundamentals.

• The use of an adjusted aiming point to allow for gravity, target movement, or wind may be effectively practiced.

• The silhouette target provides a permanent record for analysis by the soldier and his leader to assist in identifying and correcting firing problems.

• Soldiers develop confidence in their ability to successfully engage pop-up targets located at actual range.

• This target serves as an important diagnostic checkpoint. If soldiers cannot hit the scaled silhouettes, they cannot hit targets at actual range. Therefore, remedial training is probably needed before field firing is allowed.

• Having developed good firing skills and knowing what happens to bullets while firing at silhouette targets from supported and unsupported positions, the soldier's pop-up field fire practice results in a worthwhile training experience.

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