Training Devices And Exercises

Several marksmanship training devices are available to aid in sustainment training when used with the appropriate training strategies. They are beneficial when ammunition is limited for training or practice exercises. Some training devices are complex, costly, and in limited supply, while others are relatively simple, cheap, and in large supply. Devices and aids can be used alone or in combinations. Individuals or squads can sustain/practice basic marksmanship skills and fundamentals with devices/aids.

Aiming Card. The M15A1 card (Figure C-l) determines if the soldier understands how to aim at target center of mass. The card is misaligned, and the soldier is instructed to establish the correct point of aim. It is checked by a trainer. Several aimings provide an understanding of center of mass. Also, this card is used to ensure the soldier understands adjustment of the aiming point, how to allow for gravity, and how to engage a moving target. The sight-target relationship on the card is the same visual perception the soldier should have when he is zeroing on a standard silhouette target.

Figure C-1. The M15A1 aiming card (NSN 6910-00-716-0930).

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