Training The Trainer

Knowledgeable small-unit leaders are the key to marksmanship training. This manual and other training publications provide the unit instructor with the required information for developing a good train-the-trainer program. The commander should identify unit personnel who have had assignments as marksmanship instructors. These individuals should be used to train other unit cadre by conducting preliminary rifle instruction and live-fire exercises for their soldiers.

Assistance and expertise from outside the unit may also be available such as the Army Marksmanship Unit, Fort Benning, Georgia. A suggested train-the-trainer program is outlined below:

• Marksmanship diagnostic test.

• Review of operation and function, immediate action, and safety of rifle and ammunition.

• Conduct of PRI; review of four fundamentals.

• Review of coaching techniques and device usage.

• Principles and execution of grouping and zeroing.

• Effects of wind and gravity on long-range firing out to 300 meters (then 400 to 500 meters).

• Purpose and conduct of practice fire, and scaled target, and at range out to 300 meters (then 400 to 500 meters).

• Range operations.

• Purpose and conduct of qualification/record firing.

• Diagnosis of firing problems


• Supporting television tapes that teach BRM parts TVT 7-1 and TVT 7-2.

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