Do not over torque latch pivot pin. Damage to feeder housing threads will result. 1. INSTALL FEEDER HANDLE LATCH.

a. Place feeder handle latch (1), rectangular end first, into feeder housing assembly (2). Do not rotate latch.

b. Align notch in feeder handle latch (1) with helical spring access hole (3) and insert helical spring (4). Using a 5 mm hex wrench and screwdriver, fully insert helical spring.

c. Compress helical spring (4) completely into housing assembly (2) and rotate feeder handle latch (1), 45 degrees.

d. Align feeder handle latch pivot hole with hole (5) in housing assembly (2).

e. Install flat washer (6) on latch pivot pin (7) and install latch pivot pin (7) in housing assembly (2).

f. Torque latch pivot pin (7) to 32.5 in.-lb ± 2.5 in.-lb (3.67 N-m ± 0.28 N-m).


a. Insert bushing-cam assembly (8) into lug (9) of housing assembly (2), with flat edge of cam flange down.

b. Insert 8 x 5/8-in. aluminum tube through lug (10).

c. Hold feeder handle latch (1) out of the way and tap bushing-cam assembly (8) into lug (9) until cam flange is flush with lug (9).

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ASSEMBLY - Continued


a. Insert bushing-bracket assembly (11) into lug (10) of housing assembly (2).

b. Place 8 x 5/8-in. aluminum tube over bushing-bracket assembly (11). Tap aluminum tube until bushing-bracket assembly (11) is flush with lug (10).

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