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M242 25-MM AUTOMATIC GUN (NSN 1005-01-086-1400) M242 25-MM ENHANCED AUTOMATIC GUN (NSN 1005-01-454-0396)



Preventive maintenance checks and services are performed by Unit Maintenance on the Standard or Enhanced M242 25mm Automatic Gun are either round dependent, time dependent, or performed as a result of specific conditions or incidents. Any maintenance problems discovered that are beyond your authorization will be referred to Direct Support Maintenance for correction.

The check or service will be considered the minimum requirements for operation of the Standard or Enhanced M242 25mm Automatic Gun under usual conditions. Unusual operating conditions, such as extreme temperatures, dust or sand, moist or salty atmosphere, and rain or snow, require more frequent services.

ROUND DEPENDENT CHECK AND SERVICES. Rounds dependent check and services are performed to make certain that parts subject to adjustment variations, wear, or sudden failure are inspected, adjusted, or replaced before overall performance is affected. These checks and services will be performed strictly as scheduled, after the gun has fired the number of rounds specified for each item.

TIME DEPENDENT CHECK AND SERVICES. Time dependent checks and services consist primarily of inspection checks to make certain that the Standard or Enhanced M242 25mm Automatic Gun is in an operational condition. These checks and services will normally be performed when the gun has been operated or will be operated. Specific time dependent and rounds dependent preventive maintenance checks and services to be performed are listed in WP 0021 00, Table 1.


Item No. Column. This column specifies the logical order of performance. It will be used as a source of item numbers for the "TM Number" column on DA Form 2404, Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet, in recording preventive maintenance checks and services.

Interval Column. This column designates the intervals at which the procedures are to be performed.

Item To Be Inspected Column. This column lists the items that require periodic checks and services.

Procedure Column. This column describes the maintenance checks and services to be performed. The weapon or component is considered "Not Ready/Available" if it fails to meet the inspection requirements of the referenced inspections.

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