Inspection Continued


(1) Inspect preformed packings for wear, brittleness, cracks, cuts, and damage.

(2) Inspect gaskets and seals for wear, nicks, cuts, and torn or missing gasket material. Replace gasket if needed. Gaskets and seals on electrical parts may be reused.

d. INSERTS. Inspect inserts for cracks, stripped or damaged threads, and loose fit.

e. STUDS. Inspect all studs for stripped or damaged threads, bent or loose condition, and signs of stretching.

f. GEARS. Inspect gears for burrs, wear, cracked or broken teeth, and pitting at tooth contact areas.

g. SPLINED PARTS. Inspect splined parts for burrs, wear, and twisted, cracked, or broken splines.

h. THREADED PARTS. Inspect all threaded parts for burrs and stripped or damaged threads.

i. SPRINGS. Inspect springs for wear, defects, breaks, and loss of tension or compression. Load and height inspection data, where needed, are given in maintenance procedures.

j. RETAINING RINGS. Inspect retaining rings for nicks, burrs, defects, loss of tension, and wear.

k. ELECTRICAL PARTS. Inspect electrical parts before you install them. Look for mildew, corrosion, or burned parts. Inspect wire insulation for cracks, tears, burns, or missing material.

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