Maintenance Functions

Maintenance functions are limited to and defined as follows:

1. Inspect. To determine the serviceability of an item by comparing its physical, mechanical, and/or electrical characteristics with established standards through examination (e.g., by sight, sound, or feel). This includes scheduled inspection and gagings and evaluation of cannon tubes.

2. Test. To verify serviceability by measuring the mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or electrical characteristics of an item and comparing those characteristics with prescribed standards on a scheduled basis, i.e., load testing of lift devices and hydrostatic testing of pressure hoses.

3. Service. Operations required periodically to keep an item in proper operating condition; e.g., to clean (includes decontaminate, when required), to preserve, to drain, to paint, or to replenish fuel, lubricants, chemical fluids, or gases. This includes scheduled exercising and purging of recoil mechanisms.

4. Adjust. To maintain or regulate, within prescribed limits, by bringing into proper position, or by setting the operating characteristics to specified parameters.

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