This check/symptom index can only be used as a general reference to troubleshooting. Troubleshoot your gun in the order shown by the diagrams. Always do the functional test first in order to verify the symptom. After repair, repeat the functional test to verify proper function.

Check Work Package

Automatic Gun Feeder Electrical Check WP 0006

Automatic Gun Feeder Manual Cycle Check WP 0007

Auto Gun Receiver Manual Cycle Check WP 0008

Electrical Checkout WP 0005


Excessive Recoil or Inadequate Damping WP 0015

Gun Cycles But Will Not Fire WP 0013

Gun Fires at Reduced Rate WP 0009

Gun Fires Intermittently or at Irregular Rate WP 0016

Gun Fires With Safety On WP 0014

Gun Fires Without Hangfire Protection WP 0017

Gun Stalls WP 0012

Gun Will Not Cycle WP 0010

Gun Will Not Stop in Sear Position WP 0011

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