Some ribbed type barrel assemblies may have a tab washer installed at the muzzle brake.

a. Inspect barrel assembly (4) for loose muzzle brake (5) or loose spanner nut (6). For barrel assemblies (4) with locking tab washer (7), slight rotation of the muzzle brake is acceptable, but it shall not rotate more than 1/4 in. (0.64 cm). For barrel assemblies without locking tab washer (7), no movement is allowed. Tighten muzzle brake spanner nut (WP 0024 00).

b. Inspect barrel assembly (4) for damaged or missing key (8). Replace damaged or missing key (WP 0024 00).

c. Inspect barrel assembly (4) for broken or cracked locking tab washer (7) (if installed). Replace damaged locking tab washer (WP 0024 00).

d. For ribbed barrels without locking tab washer (7), using spanner wrench, verify that spanner nut (6) torque is 135 ft-lb ± 10 ft-lb (183 N-m ± 14 N-m).

e. Inspect barrel assembly for cracks or bends. If either of these conditions are found, replace barrel (WP 0024 00).

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