When using locally manufactured damper rod tools (WP 0083 00), perform steps a and b. If not using damper rod tools, proceed to step c.

Use tool CSAL-1 (0.686" long) if overall recoil housing cap length is 4.3" (109.1 mm). Use tool CSAL-2 (0.880" long) if overall cap length is 4.5" (114.0 mm).

The M242 enhanced gun will always use a 4.3" (109.1 mm) recoil housing cap. The M242 standard gun may use either length. If recoil housing cap length is unknown, use tool CSAL-2.

a. Slide damper rod tool (11) over recoil damper rod (4) and install straight headed pin (12).

b. Push recoil damper rod (4) until headed straight pin (12), damper rod tool (11), and damper housing cap (13) are touching. Proceed to step 4 to service damper reservoir.

c. Slide recoil housing cap (14) over damper housing cap (13) and recoil damper rod (4). Seat recoil housing cap (14) on recoil spring sleeve spacer (15).

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