Da Form 2408 Gun Automatic

Dry cycle and use of dummy rounds are not counted on the breech or firing pin.

a. Use DA Form 2408-4 to determine how many rounds have been fired. Stamp the breech with an "X" for every 5,000 rounds fired. Use example below:

0--- 4,999 rds = no stamp 5,000--- 9,999 rds = 1 stamps 10,000---14,999 rds = 2 stamps 15,000---19,999 rds = 3 stamps 20,000---24,999 rds = 4 stamps

Replace breech assembly at 25,000 rounds.

b. Stamp appropriate number of "X"s on the face of the breech assembly (6).

c. Using a fine stone, remove all burrs and rough edges.

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