There are three types of link strippers used on the M242 feeder assembly. The enhanced feeder requires link strippers (V ersion 3) with attached buttons. These link strippers are used with the cover assembly. Newer standard feeders use link strippers (Version 2) drilled to accept two capscrews and the link bridge. Older standard feeders were produced with link strippers (Version 1) without buttons or holes and do not use either the cover assembly or the link bridge. These link strippers are no longer available. If a link stripper on a standard gun requires replacement, the stripper and its mate must be replaced with a forward and rear link stripper (Version 2) and the appropriate link bridge. The replacement procedures are similar for all types of link strippers.

buttons version 3

buttons enhanced feeder link strippers and cover assembly (used with forward feed assembly 12524574 and rear plate assembly 12524575)

holes version 2

holes standard feeder link strippers and link bridge (used with forward feed assembly 12524273 or 12524120 and rear plate assembly 12524190)

standard feeder link stripper (no longer available - replace with link strippers and link bridge)



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