M242 Overall Length

When using locally manufactured damper rod tools (WP 0081 00), perform steps b and c. If not using damper rod tools, proceed to step d.

Use tool CSAL-1 (0.686 in. long) if overall recoil housing cap length is 4.3 in. (109.1 mm). Use tool CSAL-2 (0.880 in. long) if overall cap length is 4.5 in. (l14.0 mm).

The M242 enhanced gun will always use 4.3 in. (109.1 mm) recoil housing cap. The M242 standard gun may use either length. If recoil housing cap length is unknown, use tool CSAL-2.

b. Slide damper rod tool (27) over recoil damper rod (5) and install straight headed pin (28).

c. Push recoil damper rod (5) until straight headed pin (28), damper rod tool (27), and damper housing cap (23) are touching. Proceed to step 9 to top off damper fluid reservoir.

d. Push recoil spring spacer (19) up on damper housing assembly (2) until it seats against shoulder e. Place recoil housing cap (30) over recoil damper rod (5) until seated against recoil spring spacer



f. While holding recoil spring spacer (19), push down on recoil damper rod (5) until hole in recoil damper rod aligns with hole in recoil housing cap (30). Friction will hold recoil damper rod (5) in aligned position.

g. Carefully remove recoil housing cap (30) without moving recoil damper rod (5). Place a mark with a pencil on recoil damper rod (5) flush with damper housing cap (23). The mark is used to maintain damper position while topping-off the fluid reservoir.

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