Tools needed are turret mechanic's supplemental tool kit (item 43, WP 0085 00) and artillery and turret mechanic's tool kit (item 41, WP 0085 00).

Supplies needed are nonelectrical wire (as required by specific procedure).

Screws, nuts, and bolts made for lockwiring have one or more holes (1) for the insertion of lockwire (2).

To install lockwire (2), plan a path (3) and determine the length of the lockwire (2) to do this job.

1. Insert lockwire (2) through the hole of the first screw (4) to about the middle of the length of lockwire (2) being used.

2. Bend lockwire end (5) around the right side of screwhead (6).

3. At each screwhead (6), bring lockwire end (7) on left over the top of lockwire end (5). Using wire twisting pliers, twist lockwire ends (5 and 7) together until they just reach the next screwhead (6).

4. Push top lockwire end (8) through hole in screwhead (6). Bend bottom lockwire end (9) around left side of screwhead (6) to meet lockwire end (8) coming out of hole in screwhead (6).

5. Bring lockwire end (9) over top of lockwire end (8) and twist lockwire ends (8 and 9) about four or five times beyond the last screwhead (6).

6. Cut off lockwire ends (8 and 9) leaving about four or five turns beyond last screwhead (6).

Mossberg 500 Trigger Assembly Diagram


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