The lower shouldered shaft and sliding sleeve clutch operates the same as the upper shouldered shaft and sliding sleeve clutch.

(6) UPPER SLIDING SLEEVE CLUTCH: Drives the upper shouldered shaft (when engaged) which in turn drives the upper feed sprocket assembly.

(7) UPPER SHOULDERED SHAFT: Drives the upper feed sprocket assembly (when engaged) which in turn strips rounds from links. Contains lugs that mate with the feed shaft stop assemblies.

(8) CLUTCH YOKE ASSEMBLY: Rotated by the electrical feed select solenoid. The clutch yoke assembly engages or disengages the sliding sleeve clutch assemblies when the feed selection is changed by the electrical feed select solenoid either manually or electrically.

(9) INDEX DRIVE SHAFT: Driven by the gear clutch assembly. The index drive shaft is timed with the gear clutch assembly and rotates the rotor stub, which provides the sprocket assemblies with proper ratio to the feeder assembly rotor. The index drive shaft also rotates the control cam to give the position of the bolt.

(10) ROTOR STUB: Drives the feeder assembly rotor and provides the proper ratio between the sprocket assembly and feeder assembly rotor.

(11) FEEDER HANDLE: Locks the automatic gun feeder to the auto gun receiver and provides a quick disconnect between the feeder and receiver electrical connectors when the handle is in the unlocked position.

(12) ELECTRICAL FEED SELECT SOLENOID: Provides manual or electrical selection of ammunition type (AP or HE). The feed select solenoid harness used on the enhanced feeder provides a jumper connection to allow for BIT on the vehicle.

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