The Army Maintenance System MAC

This introduction provides a general explanation of all maintenance and repair functions authorized at various maintenance levels under the standard Army Maintenance System concept.

The MAC (immediately following the introduction) designates overall authority and responsibility for the performance of maintenance functions on the identified end item or component. The application of the maintenance functions to the end item or component shall be consistent with the capacities and capabilities of the designated maintenance levels, which are shown on the MAC in column (4) as:

Unit - includes two subcolumns, C (operator/crew) and O (unit) maintenance.

Direct Support - includes an F subcolumn.

General Support - includes an H subcolumn.

Depot - includes a D subcolumn.

The tools and test equipment requirements (immediately following the MAC) list the tools and test equipment (both special tools and common tool sets) required for each maintenance function as referenced from the MAC.

The remarks (immediately following the tools and test equipment requirements) contain supplemental instructions and explanatory notes for a particular maintenance function.

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