Dry cleaning solvent (SD) is flammable and toxic. Use in well-ventilated area away from an open flame or a smoking area. This solvent evaporates quickly and has a drying effect on the skin. It may cause cracks in the skin and, in some cases, mild irritation or inflammation. If solvent comes in contact with eyes or skin, flush with water.

c. REMOVAL AGENTS. Remove gum or old grease deposits by soaking parts in dry cleaning solvent (item 27, WP 0116 00). Scrub parts with a brush. Use abrasive cloth (item 5, WP 0116 00) to remove minor surface defects.

d. CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS. Dirt can damage parts and cause malfunctions. When you perform any cleaning procedure, do the following:

(1) Clean all parts before inspection, after repair, and before assembly.

(2) Keep hands free of grease. Grease collects dirt.

(3) After cleaning, cover or wrap parts to protect from dirt.

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