Warning Summary Continued

If M919 usage is suspected, prior to performing any M242 weapon maintenance procedures, survey the muzzle end of the gun barrel with an AN/VDR-2, PDR-27 or equivalent radiation detection instrument, in accordance with its prescribed operating procedures (See TM 11-6665251-10 or TM 11-6665-361-10). If the barrel is found to be radioactively contaminated, the barrel is to be taken out of service without being cleaned, ends sealed with tape, and the barrel marked "Low Level Radioactive Waste". Storage and return of the barrel is accomplished in accordance with AR 11-9, Army Radiation Safety Program.

When handling material contaminated by Depleted Uranium (DU), avoid skin contact with the corrosion by wearing NBC gloves. Always flush hands before eating or touching your face. Dispose of gloves in accordance with AR 11-9, Army Radiation Safety Program.

Guidelines for Safe Response to Handling, Storage, and Transportation Accidents Involving Army Tank Munitions or Armor which contains Depleted Uranium (Refer to TB 9-1300-278).

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