Wear eye protection when using compressed air. Compressed air used for cleaning purposes shall not exceed 30 psi (206.85 kPa).

(5) Blow out insert holes with compressed air. INSPECTION

All removed parts must be inspected with care. Replace parts if damage or wear exceeds allowable limits as specified in the maintenance task.

a. BEARINGS. Inspect bearings for free and smooth rotation, and broken or missing balls or rollers. Also look for tightness of fit in bearing bores. Inspect bearing races for wear and color changes due to heat.


(1) Check all bushings and bushing-type bearings for secure fit in casting. Check for color changes which could mean overheating. Inspect for size, scoring, out-of-roundness, burrs, sharp edges, and signs of seizing.

(2) Check for dirt in oil holes and in bushing-type bearings. Oil holes and grooves must be clean and not damaged.

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