Spur gear rollers and rivets contained under spur gear are under spring pressure. Wear eye protection and remove spur gear rollers only when spur gear rollers are expanded into the two troughs under clutch spur gear. Eye injury may result if spur gear rollers and tubular rivets are allowed to shoot out from clutch spur gear.


a. Place gear clutch assembly (1) in vise with vise jaw caps with the spur gear (2) up.

b. Remove headless straight pin (3) from spur gearshaft (4).

c. Wrap entire gear clutch assembly (1) in several wraps of wiping rags.

d. Pull spur gear (2) off of spur gearshaft (4) allowing spring pressure to expand in wiping rags.


e. Remove tubular rivets (5), two flat washers (6), helical spring (7), and two rollers (8) from wiping rag.

f. Remove spur gearshaft (4) from vise.


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