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Maadi Cal Kit

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Subject Page

Introduction I

Tool & Machinery List 2

Field Strip 3

Major Rifle Components 4

Pans List 5

Suppliers List 6

Trigger Bar Assembly 7-36

Handle Frame 37-41

Quick-Pins 42

Aluminum Cast Handle Frame 43

Receiver Tube 44-47

Bolt Assembly 48-75

Receiver 76-77

Sluoud 78-79

Barrel 80-81

Barrel Locking Ring & Forward Shroud Ring 82

Scope Mount Base & Base Tube 83-84

Shroud Attachments 85-86

Muzzle Brake 87-91

Head Spacing 92-96

Forward Shroud Ring Installation 97

Barrel Assembly ... 98-100

Scope Mount Base Installation 101

Maadi-Griffin Parts Price List 102

Index 103

Carbine 104

The Maadi-Griffin Rifle was first developed in 1991 as a long distance 50 caliber competition match piece. It is a single shot, boit action, bull pup modified Mauser design. At this printing, it has the strongest bolt/receiver in the industry. On April 22, 1991, before a crowd of 26 people, in the Utah desert, a five-shot, 4" group was shot from a distance of 600 yards using Lake City ball ammunition.

Please read this book completely through until you are thoroughly familiar with it before you begin. It is very important that you have a clear understanding of every part and its relationship to the rest before any work begins. You can modify the rifle, but please write to us and explain what you have in mind, so we can help prevent potential problems that could arise. The design of the Maadi-Griffin has been thoroughly tested and is fully developed.

Due to the fact that Maadi-Griffin Co. cannot be present, and has no control over the circumstances and conditions under which any construction takes place, the Maadi-GrifBn Co. and JNS Supply Co., assume absolutely no responsibility for any accidents, injury, loss of life or limb, or property damage in any form or manner. Nor will either company be held liable for any loss of any kind. It must be understood that any construction or attempted construction of any item listed in this book is totally at your own risk. This firearm is dangerous and can cause loss of life. All precautions must be used. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Tools arid machinery you'll need access to for completion of this riƱe:

Dial caliper Tig-welder

Small industrial lathe (with thread cutting capacity)

Small industrial vertical mill

Bench grinder

Disc sander

Drill press

Metal saw

Bench vice

5/16ths (drill, tap & die set NF) Chain spanner vice-grips (2) Mikita hand grinder (or equivalent) Patience and ingenuity

If you run into any problems you can write: JNS Supply Co.

2812 North 34th Place Mesa, AZ 85213-9724 or call (480) 325-5623, ask for Bob and he will talk you through any problem.

Maadi Griffin

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