Barrels cont

Tool marks are acceptable, regardless of length. They may appear as lines running longitudinally in the grooves or may run spirally across the tops of lands.

Lands that appear dark, due to coating of gilded metal from projectiles will not be cause for rejection.

• The sear and cocking notches must be in good condition. Chipped engaging corners will be cause for rejection. Slight wear on functional surfaces, including engaging corners, shall be acceptable, providing the minimum trigger pull requirements are met.

• Chips, flat spots, or bent strike points on firing pins will be cause for rejection.

• The cartridge engaging surface on extractors must not be chipped or deformed.

• Safety must positively position in both the "S" and "F" position. When in the "S" or safe position, the weapon must not fire when the trigger is pulled; when in the "F" or fire position, the weapon must fire when the trigger is pulled.

• Each weapon must be hand functioned to check for unusual binding, positive cocking action and general operation. Dummy ammunition may be used to be sure of positive chambering, extraction and ejection action.

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