Be sure headed straight pin (4) does not stick out into channels of back plate (1).

Install back plate latch (5) (with helical compression spring and detent plunger) into back plate (1). Align holes in back plate (1) and back plate latch (5). Install headed straight pin (4) from right to left (smooth end of pin is installed first).

M240 Machine Gun



This task covers: a. Disassembly b. Inspection/Repair c. Reassembly INITIAL SETUP

Tools and Special Tools

Shop Set, Small Arms: Field Maintenance, Basic Less Power, PN SC 4933-95-CL-A11; SL-3-08724A (Marine Corps only); SL-3-00607A (Marine Corps only)


Locking pin (4), PN 7312517 Spring pin, PN MS39086-147


Tubular spring pin, PN MS39086-80 Weapons lubricating oil (as required) Wiping rag (item 11, WP 0074 00)

Equipment Condition

Buffer and spade grip assembly removed (TM 9-1005-313-10).

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