Padded Vises To Remove Flash Hider

Remove heat shield from barrel (M240B only).



Heat Shields For M240



Clamp on gas port area (1) only.


Secure barrel assembly (12) in a vise (13) with protective jaws (14) with gas regulator (15) up.

Use 23mm box and open end combination wrench (16) to remove flash hider/suppressor (8).

(M240B/M240D/M240E1/M240G/M240N): If necessary, remove two front sight adjusting screws (17) and front sight assembly (18).

M240 Gas Regulator Plug



DIRECT SUPPORT MAINTENANCE OF BARREL ASSEMBLY M240/M240C, NSN 1005-01-044-1026, PN 11825985; M240B, NSN N/A, PN 12976817; M240D/M240G/M240N, NSN 1005-01-408-5897, PN 12976818; M240E1, NSN 1005-01-251-9701, PN 12597035 (cont)_


Rotate collar (19) until it releases, and then pull it out.

M240n Machine Gun

Drive out plug (20) and be ready to catch it to prevent damage. Remove barrel (12) from vise (13).

M240b Gas Regulator

Clamp barrel assembly (12) in vise (13) with protective jaws (14) above the gas regulator area with gas regulator (15) pointed down. Place a block of wood (21) as shown to steady barrel assembly (12).

M240b Gas Regulator

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    How to disconnect front sight assembly to the barrel of m16?
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    How to remove flash suppressor from m240?
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