Assembly And Disassembly Of M 240

Use a flat tipped screwdriver to remove the two grip screws (1) holding the right (2) and left (3) grips in place.

Guns Housing Pin

Remove trigger guard pin (4) and trigger guard (5) from the trigger housing assembly only if trigger guard is damaged.

M240 Trigger Housing

Pull back on tripping lever (6) inside trigger housing (7) and raise sear (8).

M240 Machine Gun Disassembly

Rotate safety (9) a quarter turn clockwise (as viewed from the left side). Letters "S" and "F" will face downward. Pull safety (9) through trigger housing (7) from right to left.

M240 Trigger Housing

Remove three headless straight pins (10 and 11). Remove sear (8), sear spring (12), and trigger (13) from trigger housing (7).

Parts Scar

Separate sear (8) and trigger (13) by giving sear one-quarter turn, freeing it from the slot in the lever.

M240 Machine Gun Disassembly

Inspect front edge of trigger (1). Replace if chipped or if burrs can not be removed.

Pull tripping lever (4) rearward. Replace trigger (13) if tripping lever does not return to position without binding.

Check safety (9) for burrs, damaged detent, or distorted lettering. Replace if burrs cannot be removed with crocus cloth or if safety is damaged or letters distorted.

Check the headless straight pins (10 and 11) and replace if bent.

Check sear (8) and replace if broken, cracked, or worn.

Check spring (12) and replace if broken or distorted.

Check trigger housing (7) and replace if broken, cracked, or if holes are elongated.

M240 Machine Gun Disassembly

Inspect trigger guard (5) and trigger guard pin (4) and replace if cracked or bent. Check grips and replace if cracked or broken.

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