Check headed straight pin (4). Replace if bent or broken. Check detent plunger (7). Replace if bent or broken.

Check helical compression spring (6) for deformation of breaks. Replace if damaged, broken, or deformed.

Check back plate latch (5) for cracks or breaks. Replace if damaged.

Check back plate (12) for damaged threads and burrs. Remove burrs with file. Replace buffer assembly if threads are damaged.

M240 Back Plate

Check machine plug (14) for deformation or rounded shoulders of octagon head. Replace if damaged.

Check eleven spring washers (15) for cracks, deformation, or permanent set. Replace as a set if damaged.

Check sleeve spacer (16) and buffer plug (19). Replace if distorted, bent, or burred.

Check expansion ring (17) and braking buffer cone (18) for damaged mating surfaces. Replace if damaged, broken, or deformed.

Place sleeve spacer (16) into buffer plug (19). Install braking buffer cone (18) with its base against buffer plug (19).

Place tapered surface of expansion ring (17) against tapered surface on braking buffer cone (18).


Place back plate (12) with threaded end up on a clean surface.


Install eleven spring washers (15) on sleeve spacer (16). Place the concave surface of the first washer against expansion ring (17). Check washer sequence diagram. Place second washer in the opposite direction with its convex surface against the first washer.

Place the concave surface of the third washer against the concave surface of the second washer.

Continue this sequence until all eleven washers (15) are assembled on sleeve spacer (16). Check assembled washers with spring washer sequence diagram.

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