Lightly lubricate all metal parts after cleaning.

Take care to be sure safety (7) is clean and lightly lubricated.


Insert sear (6) into slot in trigger (11) sideways. Give the sear a quarter turn, as viewed from left side, polished end upward.

M4a1 Exploded Trigger ViewM240 Exploded

Lower sear (6) and trigger (11) into trigger housing (4). Grasping trigger, press it forward against the inner front edge of housing. This action will push backward on the lever allowing the trigger to slide into place. Align holes in trigger (11) and trigger housing (4). Insert headless straight pin (9).

Machine Gun


Insert sear spring (10), with leg pointing forward, into trigger housing (11). The lower tip of sear spring (10) must bear against riveted pin (12) across the back of trigger (11) when trigger is later rotated rearward.

M4a1 Exploded Trigger View

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