Legs must be reattached so the bipod leg catches are on the same side of the hinge head as the bipod head slot, or the bipod will not pivot toward the rear of the machine gun.

Assemble the bipod upside down. Using protective jaws, clamp the hinge head (15) upside down in vise. Align the hinge holes of the bipod legs (6) with the hinge head (15).

Press the bipod leg spring (5) into the "V", formed by the bipod legs, and insert the bipod leg pin (3) from the solid side of the hinge head (15).

Mount washer (14) and hand-tighten nut (2) onto bipod leg pin (3), ensuring that the hole in the bipod leg pin (3) is aligned with groove in nut (2).

Install new locking ring (1) through the hole in the bipod leg pin (3) and through a groove in the nut (2).

This task covers: Disassembly/Inspection/Repair/Reassembly INITIAL SETUP

Tools and Special Tools

Shop Set, Small Arms: Field Maintenance, Basic Less Power, PN SC 4933-95-CL-A11; SL-3-08724A (Marine Corps only); SL-3-00607A (Marine Corps only)


Crocus abrasive cloth (item 3, WP 0074 00)

Equipment Condition

Receiver body with major components (TM 9-1005-313-10) and bipod assembly removed (WP 0035 00).

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