M240b Bipod Latch Installation

Perform next step only if cap (10) and spring pin (11) were removed. Install latch cap (10) onto barrel latch (36). Drive new spring pin (11) through cap (10) to retain to latch.

(M240B/M240G): Reattach the bipod leg assembly (9) to the receiver (7) by aligning the gaps in the bipod head (35) with the flanges on the receiver (7). Swivel the bipod assembly (9) so it is in the upright position.

M240 Bipod

(M240B/M240G): Insert front sling swivel (8) into position from the left side of receiver. Use a punch and hammer to install the bipod retaining pin (6) into the cut-out in the bipod head (35) (pin will protrude). Ensure bipod retaining pin (6) is loose enough to prevent binding of the bipod head (35). Ensure proper operation of bipod latch.

M240 Bipod

UNIT MAINTENANCE OF RECEIVER ASSEMBLY M240/M240C, NSN N/A, PN 11826192; M240B, NSN N/A, PN 12976834; M240D, NSN N/A, PN 12977104; M240E1, NSN N/A, PN 12597044; M240G, NSN N/A, PN 12997566; M240N, NSN N/A, PN 12976834 (cont)


(M240B): Place new lock washer (2) on cap screw (1), insert screw/washer group through center mounting hole from the inside of body (both sides).

M240b Bipod Nomenclature


Partial groove portion of rail (larger numbers) go toward muzzle end of receiver.

Insert screw/washer group through mounting holes (each end) from the outside of body (both sides). Align insulator (5) between body and rail (3), then finger tighten screw to body.

M240 Parts

Tighten all six screws no more the 1/2 turn past finger tight.

END OF WORK 0018 00

This task covers: a. Disassembly b. Repair c. Reassembly


Tools and Special Tools


Sealing compound (item 13, WP 0074 00)

Tool Kit, Small Arms Repairman, PN SC 5180-95-B71; SL-3-08724A (Marine Corps only); SL-3-00607A (Marine Corps only)

Equipment Condition

Rear sight removed from receiver (WP 0018 00).

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