Be sure that four pan-head machine screws (16) and flat washers (15) are present. Removal and inspection are not necessary since these items are not critical to weapon functioning and are present only to protect the receiver threads.

M240c Machine Gun

DIRECT SUPPORT MAINTENANCE OF RECEIVER ASSEMBLY M240/M240C, NSN N/A, PN 11826192; M240B, NSN N/A, PN 12976834; M240D, NSN N/A, PN 12977104; M240E1, NSN N/A, PN 12597044; M240G, NSN N/A, PN 12997566; M240N, NSN N/A, PN 12976834 (cont)


If access cover (18) is still in place, slide it to the rear.

Using pin punch and hammer, remove the retaining latch pin (19), spring (20) and latch (17).

Retaining Latch


Remove components only for replacement.

(M240B): Remove right side cap screws (21) and lock washers (22) from right side rail (23) and body (24). Remove rail (23) and insulators (25)

M240 Machine Gun Parts BreakdownM240b Magazine

(M240B/M240G): Using a hammer and punch, push the bipod retaining pin (27) out of the receiver (3). Remove the bipod assembly (28). Remove front sling ring (29) out through the left of the receiver (3).

M240b Major Components

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