Barrel and barrel adapter have left-hand threads.

(M240/M240C/M240E1): Drive spring pin (22) out of barrel release (23). Move barrel release latch (24) to stop. Unscrew barrel adapter nut (25) (left-hand thread). Remove barrel release (23) from barrel assembly (12). Remove barrel release latch (24) from barrel release (23). Discard spring pin (22).

(M240B/M240D/M240G/M240N): Drive barrel nut locking pin (26) out of barrel adapter nut (25) until it is flush with the edge of the barrel adapter nut (move carrying handle assembly (27) to stop for easier access to pin). Unscrew barrel adapter nut (25) (left-hand thread). Remove carrying handle assembly (27) from barrel assembly (12). Remove carrying handle assembly (27) simply by sliding it out of its groove.

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