If bolt and/or operating rod assembly is replaced, perform headspace gaging (WP 0038 00).

Slight rotation of the piston end (2) of the operating rod assembly in its housing is normal and not a cause for rejection.

Inspect operating rod assembly (1) for bends, breaks, burrs, or cracks. Replace if damaged.

M240b Bolt And Operating Rod Assembly

This task covers: a. Inspection b. Repair/Reassembly


Tools and Special Tools


Pin, Straight Headed, PN 11826047 Roller, Linear-Rotary, PN 11826042 Spring, Helical Comp., PN 11826046

Shop Set, Small Arms: Field Maintenance, Basic Less Power, PN SC 4933-95-CL-A11; Sl-3-08724A (Marine Corps only); SL-3-00607A (Marine Corps only)

Equipment Condition

Bolt assembly removed from operating rod assembly (WP 0013 00).

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