Procedures are written for M240 cover assembly but apply to all cover assemblies. Hold retaining clip (1) so it will not rotate. Lift straight leg (2) and engage it in the hook of its opposite leg

Use screwdriver to remove spring tension lock pin (3).

Remove feed lever (4).


Disengage straight leg (2) from hooked leg of retaining clip (1) and remove.





Hold hand over retaining clip when engaging or disengaging leg, or retaining clip will fly off pivot post.

Insert the blade of screwdriver under one leg of retaining clip (5). Apply slight pressure on the leg of the clip and raise it by turning the screwdriver against the wall of the cover. Remove retaining clip (5).

Unlock pawl retaining pin (7) from notch in cover.


Apply slight pressure downward between front and rear cartridge guides (8 and 9) and remove pawl retaining pin (7), rear cartridge guide (9), one helical compression spring (10), front cartridge guide (8), and other helical compression spring (10).

Remove retaining ring (11) and lift feed pawl assembly (12) off feed pawl pivot post (13).

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