Ensure all metal parts are lightly lubricated. Insert sear (8) into lever slot in trigger (13) sideways. Give the sear a quarter turn, as viewed from the left side, polished side up.


Place trigger housing (7) on its side on a flat surface.




Insert sear spring (12), with leg pointing forward, into trigger (13). The lower tip of sear spring (12) must bear against the riveted pin (14) across the back of trigger (13) when trigger is later rotated rearward.

Be sure leg of sear spring (12) is in groove of sear (8) and behind riveted pin (14) as shown.

This illustration is a cutaway view of the trigger housing. Install one headless straight pin (10) in pin hole (17) in trigger housing (7) and through sear spring (12).

Lower sear (8) compressing sear spring and install headless straight pin (11).

Holding trigger housing (7), ensuring sear (8) is in raised position, insert safety (9) from left to right with letter "S" first and facing down. Detent remains outside housing.

Rotate safety (9) a quarter turn so that the letters "S" and "F" face rearward.


Insert tab (18) on the rear of the trigger guard (5) into the appropriate detent in the trigger housing assembly. Align the holes in the trigger guard and trigger housing assembly and insert the trigger guard pin (4).

Place right (2) and left (3) grips in proper position on the trigger housing (7). Install screws (1) and tighten securely, being careful not to over-tighten the screws.

This task covers: a. Disassembly b. Inspection/Repair c. Reassembly INITIAL SETUP

Tools and Special Tools Materials/Parts

Shop Set, Small Arms: Field Maintenance, Crocus abrasive cloth (item 3, WP 0074 00)

Basic Less Power, PN SC 4933-95-CL-A11; Weapons lubricating oil (as required) SL-3-08724A (Marine Corps only);

SL-3-00607A (Marine Corps only) Equipment Condition

Cover assembly removed (TM 9-1005-313-10).

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