Hold the hinging head (13) as shown with the screw bracket down and opening toward you.

Insert the hollow cylinder (10) with the closed end first from the right with the slots vertical.

Push bipod head (4) into hollow cylinder (10), with plunger detent to the right. Insert retaining plunger (12), pointed end first, and retaining spring (11) into open end of hollow cylinder (10).

Insert bipod head plug (9) into the hollow cylinder (10) with tangs aligned.

Using a screwdriver, push in on bipod head plug (9) and make a 1/4 turn in either direction until it locks in place. The bipod head plug (9) will be flush with the hollow cylinder (10).


Rotate bipod head (4) until the hole for the split pin (7) is aligned. Tap the new split pin (7) into cylinder (8).

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