Using Firing Pin Protrusion Gage To Measure Firing Pin Protrusion

The first step in using the firing pin protrusion gage (27) is to function check the machine gun. The bolt and operating rod must go forward freely to firing position when trigger is pulled. (Safety (7) must be in "F" position.)

Firing Pin Protrusion Gage

Release barrel locking latch (3) and turn barrel release latch (2) to upright position and remove barrel assembly (4) from receiver (13).

Firing Pin Protrusion
Mosin Firing Pin Protrusion Measurement

Point receiver (13) upward with buffer (12) resting on a work surface.

rail rail

M240 Major Component

Insert firing pin protrusion gage (27) in receiver (13).

Seat the bottom end of gage (27) firmly against the bolt face (28).

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    How to use m249 firing pin protusion gauge?
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  • thomas wulf
    How to measure firing pin protrusion on m249?
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