22lr Homemade Machine

18. Remove and discard Retaining Clip (18) from Grooved, Headless Pin (19). Push out Grooved, Headless Pin (19) using straight end of Combination Tool (3) (item 10, app B).

19. Separate Torsion Spring (20) and Magazine Cover (21) from Receiver Assembly (1).

20. If Magazine Cover (21) is cracked or bent, replace.

21. If legs of Torsion Spring (20) are bent or broken, replace.

22. Visually inspect Grooved, Headless Pin (19) for bends, breaks or burrs and replace if damaged.

23. Drive out Grooved, Headless Pin (22) from right to left.

24. Remove Barrel Locking Lever (23) and Torsion Spring (24) from Receiver Assembly (1). Discard Torsion Spring (24).

25. Visually inspect Barrel Locking Lever (23) for bent, cracked or broken arm and replace if damaged.

26. If Barrel Locking Lever (23) does not lock barrel assembly into Receiver Assembly (1) and Locking Area (25) is chipped or rounded, replace Barrel Locking Lever (23).

27. Visually inspect Grooved, Headless Pin (22) for burrs or breaks and replace if damaged.

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