Caution Do Not put roller in vise

1. Place Slide Assembly (3) in protective jawed vice. Drive out Spring Pins (1) and (2) from Slide Assembly (3). Discard both spring pins.

12. Remove, Firing Pin (4) and separate Firing Pin Spring (5) by holding Firing Pin (4) in left hand and rotating spring counterclockwise (CCW) while withdrawing from firing pin.

3. Replace Firing Pin (4) if bent, chipped or broken.

4. Replace Firing Pin Spring (5) if broken, kinked, or elongated coils exist.

M249 Firing Pin

5. Check Roller Assembly (6) for free rotation. Check for spring tension by pressing down on Roller Assembly (6). If Roller Assembly (6) does not rotate freely or no spring tension exists, notify Direct Support Maintenance.

6. If a cookoff has occurred or it is suspected that a cookoff has occurred, inspect the top of the Slide Assembly (3) for cracks or bulges. If Slide Assembly (3) is damaged, notify

Direct Support Maintenance. _ jqp

Ruger Service Six Schmatic

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